Meal Planning & Nutrition

Do you have a meal plan but not yielding maximum results with your workouts?

Seeking hands on, live help and advice on nutrition?

SPN Co-Founder/Owner Jane provides help with creating a sustainable and easy to follow meal plan to accommodate your specific goals.  We work with all walks of life and can provide assistance.  Our plans are also developed/overseen by registered dietitians and nutritionists, to ensure you are consuming based on your needs.  Here is what our meal planning service entails:

-Weekly check-ins to assess your progress

-Online web program and mobile app to access your meal plan and log in your foods

-Meals that are created for you can be prepped by SPN at special pricing

We assist multiple goals, with respect to your lifestyle and any medical conditions that limit your choices:


-Strength and Conditioning

-Muscle Mass

-Athletic training

-Pescatarian, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Heart Healthy, Diabetes, and many more

To inquire about this service, please complete the form below.  We will respond as soon as possible!