Hardcore Fitness North County

Hey HCFNC Fit Fam! We are happy to serve you.

Below you have 2 options:

Option 1 is the link to your special ordering system. Build your meals based on your Low, Mod or High Carb days as all the choices are according to your Shredder Plan, both Male and Female.

Option 2 is a link to our lifestyle, signature menu items for those not following a challenge.

Make sure, you use the code HCFNC at checkout to receive ANOTHER layer of a discount for your order.

Please remember that orders are due EVERY THURSDAY before 8pm. Don’t miss the deadline!

Want us to handle your entire 60 days, stress free?

Shoot us a text at 951-297-7666 and we’ll manage your meals during the entire challenge for you.

Option 1: Meals for the Challenge

Option 2: Lifestyle Meals