About us

Simply Prepped Nutrition

Our objective is to help all walks of life to make meal preparation, nutrition and healthy eating an easier task.

“Nutrition Made Simple.”

About the Owners:

James Joaquin – The Chef and Muscle behind the daily operation. His passion for food and cooking stemmed as a kid, watching his parents and family in the kitchen (Scottish and Filipino roots). He initially pursued his degree in Culinary Arts, but became an Electrical Engineer instead. After experiencing the fitness industry as a supporter and competitor, being on prep reignited his love and interest for cooking. James knew he could create something of it to where it is practical for everyone. His personal vision is to create more than simple meals for ALL, but an entire line of items to help everyone reach their goals without the sacrifice of their wallet, taste buds or time spent.

Jane Joaquin – established personal trainer, motivational spirit and entrepreneur mom is the brain behind SPN. After losing 100lbs, experiencing 13 bikini competitions and helping others change their lives through fitness, she brings a wealth of experience, expertise and passion Her objective is to grow SPN in a multi-faceted service for all consumers – more than just your typical meal prep business, but a lifestyle. Simply Prepped is exactly what she envisions it: simply, easy and without effort kind of approach.