Nutrition Made Simple.

Our website is currently under construction, but you are still able to order and shop! 

Simply Prepped Nutrition is a health-conscious food prep & catering company that creates meals for EVERYONE.

Our mission is to provide, support and assist anyone who are all on the same path of taking charge of their nutrition. Our objective is to help all walks of life to make meal prep, nutrition and eating an easier task.

How It Works

Step 1: Order Online – visit our Products page and select from our signature dishes, meal packages, customize your meals or purchase bulk protein.

Step 2: Complete Checkout, and select your pickup/delivery location.

Step 3: Retrieve meals, heat and enjoy!

Orders are due no later than every Thursday by 8pm for Sunday/Monday.

A minimum of 10 meals or 5lbs. of bulk protein are required to purchase your meals.

Retail sale of meals are available at certain pickup locations.